2.5 Exercises - Presentation of algebra
1. Write it as an algebraic expression for the number n.
Ex A number n decrease by 4
  n - 4
a) The sum of n and 12.
d) n divided by 7.
e) The difference between n and 10.
f) Three times the number n.
g) Six times the number n decreased by 9.
2. Write is as an algebraic expression.
a) The sum of 12 and a number, n.
g) The sum of n and five times ten.
3. Jan has run x km.  Write a mathematical expression for:
a) Rita has run 5 km less than Jan.
b) Nino has run 2 km more than Jan.
c) Per has run twice as far as Rita.
4. Ina’s age is x years.  Interpret the following algebraic expression in words.
a) x - 2
b) x + 10