About webbmatte

How is this Material Used?

webbmatte.se consists of material which can be used in many different ways and in many different situations. You as a student, teacher or parent can hopefully have great use of this material depending on the needs you have.

This material is intended to be used as a support for your ordinary math course. You may think that one subject is difficult or maybe that you want to learn more about some area. You can also use this material for example to review before a test or if you have been ill and missed some part of the course. Read more about how you can use the material under the area Student.

For you as a teacher, we would like to point out that webbmatte.se is a complement to your ordinary teaching and not course literature in itself. The focus lies on the mathematical concepts and the material can be compared to a mathematical reference book with explanations. You can use the material in a various number of ways, for example to prepare students for coming lectures, review for students who have missed area or want to prepare for coming test, to get others viewpoints on different problems etc. For more about how you can use this material, please read the area Teacher.

With webbmatte.se you as a parent have the possibility to help your children with mathematics. By going through the material, you can get a good idea about how the different areas can be presented for students. Besides this, you also have the possibility of freshening up your own mathematical knowledge. We are helping you to help. Read more about how you can use this material under the area Parent.