Åk 6–9
3.3 Median
Median expresses a value which lies in the middle of all the values presented.

We can use the same example as above on page 3.2 (mean).

The group of friends’ wages are as follows:

The question is what is the median wage in this example?

We begin by writing up the wages by order of size.  We begin with the lowest salary (you can just as well start with the highest):

The middle value, in other words 60 kr, is the median value.

A girl now is added to the group of friends named Dilba so that there are now 6 people.  How can you calculate the median now?

Write the wages by order of size : 55 kr 55 kr 60 kr 65 kr 70 kr 80 kr

We get two middle values: 60 kr and 65 kr
The median value we then get by taking the mean of these:

60 kr + 65 kr
= 62.5 kr

The median wage is then: 62.50 kr.