Åk 6–9
2.1 Methods for Collecting Data
When you collect information and summarize it into statistics, you can use different methods.

The most common and most traditional methods for collecting information in a survey are through questionnaires, interviews, and/or observations.  Today, we also use automated methods by, for example, examining what you buy when you pay with a credit card.

It is normal for researchers to use the following methods for their studies.  They work like this:

You have probably at one point answered a questionnaire.  A questionnaire contains a number of questions which can be answered like for example you may have filled in a questionnaire about your sleep and eating habits.


An interviewer asked questions and notes down the answers.  It can be an interview with set, predetermined questions or more open questions that follow the conversation.

Here, the researcher notes what happens when observing.  The observer can be seen or hidden.

You can also collect facts/statistics by doing literature studies, which means that you examine what has been written earlier on the subject and summarize it.