Åk 6–9
1.1 Introduction
Probability is a concept that you have probably heard before in some situation concerning games and competitions.  The word probability means the chance or risk that different events will happen. Here are a few situations where the concept probability can show up:

A. How big of a chance is it that you will on the wheel of fortune?
Foto: Fredrik Enander

B. How big of a chance is it that Sweden will at one point with the World Cup in football?

Foto: Fredrik Enander

C. How big of a risk is it that my competitor will roll two 6s in a row on dice?

Foto: Fredrik Enander

In example A and C, you can mathematically calculate how probable an event is.  In example B, this is almost impossible.  No one can say how probable with any accuracy it is for Sweden to win the World Cup.  There are too many different factors that come into play.

B is an example of something called “non uniform distribution”, and is investigated with other methods.