Åk 6–9
1.2 Culture and History
In every time and culture, man has understood and applied geometrical concepts as well as applied geometry in technical solutions.

Geometry is present in decoration and design of different objects, in buildings, and other constructions.

Traces of a more wide spread practical use of geometry and geometrical calculations go back as far as 3,000-4,000 years ago from the communities along the rivers Nile, Euphrates, Tigris, Indus, Ganges as well as Huang-ho and Yang-tsi-kiang.

The word geometry comes from the two Greek words which mean earth and measurement.  The measurement of crop fields (land surveying) has had a large influence on development of geometry.

The geometry that we study in schools is based on a more than 2,000 year old concepts which we still have a use for in our everyday lives and for different construction projects.  In this type of geometry, many concepts are looked at such as points, lines, angles as well as figures and bodies.