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2.1 In Words
In this section, we will show you how you can illustrate algebra in different ways.  We will go through two mathematical problems in four different ways:
  • In words
    We begin by expressing the problem in words.

  • Showing with figures
    A good way to try and illustrate a problem is by using pictures or figures.

  • Using tables
    Here you can try to put different numbers in a table and see if we get a pattern.

  • Stating as an algebraic expression
    We want to in the end be able to write a formula for the problem, and it is this that we call for writing an algebraic expression.

We begin by expressing the problem in words:

Example 1:

Marta made three goals more than Hanna Ljungberg.

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Algebraic expressions

Example 2:

Jasmine worked in the summer as a landscaper.  One day she was asked to plant 10 follows in a row.  In every row there was to be three flowers.

How many flower sis Jasmine plant?



Algebraic expressions