Åk 6–9

3.1 Mathematical Words
In section 2.1, we went through important mathematical words for addition and subtraction. It is important to know what these words mean in order to solve text problems. Here below is a list of important words you should know in order to multiply and divide.

Common words for multiplication and division


Karin has six oranges and Erik has three oranges. 

Karin has double as many oranges as Erik.

Foto: Fredrik Enander

To double

Keja put 10 kr in the pot doubling her wager to 20 kr.

To divide

Konrad divided 12 pieces of candy fairly between himself and two friends.
They got 4 pieces of candy each.

To double

Mr Ball has 20 kr when he began to play power and had 40 kr when he finished playing.
He had doubled his winnings.

To half

Gurra had a debt of 80 kronor.
Now, his debt is 40 kr. He has halved his debt. 


Fredrik has four model airplanes and Ryan has two.  Ryan has half as many model airplanes as Fredrik.


Three people get six mandarins which they are going to share evenly. 
They get two per person. 

A piece

Two peaches cost 8 kr. 
They costs 4 kronor a piece

Three times

Romeo has two roses and Don Juan has six.
Don Juan has three times as many roses as Romeo.


Seven people get 28 apples which they are to share evenly. They get four apples each


Four apples cost 20 kr.  Every apple costs 5 kr. 

Foto: Fredrik Enander

Everyone …each Three people get twelve pears to share evenly. 
Everyone will get four each.

Foto: Fredrik Enander