Åk 6–9
2.10 Exercises - Time
1. Write the following dates in digits:
a) The fifteen of the twelfth, two thousand ten
b) The tenth of January, two thousand four
2. Write the first six numbers in the personal identity number for:
a) A person born on the thirteenth of June, 1976.
b) A person who turns 35 on the fifth of August, 1984.
3. Time Zones

Sweden is in a time zone before Great Britain.  What is the time in Great Britain if it is 18:00 in Sweden?

b) Ecuador’s time zone (GMT) is  -5 and Sweden’s time zone (GMT) is +1.  What times is it in Stockholm if it is 20:00 in Quito?
c) Bangladesh’s time zone (GMT) is +6 and Sweden’s time zone (GMT) is +1. What times is it in Sweden if it is 12:00 in Bangladesh?
Moscow’s time zone (GMT) is +3 and Sweden’s time zone (GMT) is +1.  One trip from Stockholm to Moscow takes 2 hours. The flight starts from Arlanda at 15:30. What time does it land in Moscow, local time?
4. Unit Conversion
a) Express 720 seconds in minutes.
b) Express 7 hours in minutes.
c) Express 1 hour in seconds.
d) Express 10 hours in seconds.

How many years is 1,826 days?


Express 5.4 hours in minutes.

g) Express 12.48 dygn in hours, minutes, and seconds.
h) Add 4 h 43 min 37 s to 2 h 32 min 28 s.