Åk 6–9
1.2 What Does Percent Mean?
We use the concept of percent to be able to compare things.

Buffon gets 10 shots at the goal.
He saves 7 of them.

He saves then 7 shots of 10.

Isaksson gets 25 shots at the goal.
He saves 19 of them.

He saves then 19 shots of 25.

How can we decide which goalkeeper is the best?
Which is more “7 of 10” or “19 of 25”?

One way to more clearly compare which goalkeeper is best is to use percent.  It becomes easier to compare them if you calculate them as if they had gotten 100 shots at the goal.  We multiply the fraction so that we get 100 as a denominator.

So Buffon had saved 70 of the shots 7/10 = 70/100.
Isaksson had saved 76 of the shots 19/25 = 76 /100.

Isaksson save a large part of the shots on goal.

Buffon saved 70/100 = 70 % of the shots.
Isaksson saved 76/100 = 76 % of the shots.

How many percent of the shots had the goalkeeper saved if they have saved all the shots?

Answer: They would have saved 100 % of the shots.