Åk 6–9

1.2 History
There are many measurements for indicating volume.  In the old days, we talked about volume differently if they were dry of if they were fluid.

The largest measurement is a barrel.  A barrel of dry goods, like flour, has the struck volume of 146.6 liters exactly or heaped volume of 164.9 liters if it was bulging a bit over the top.

If it was something fluid on the other hand, like a barrel with malt, then it represented the quantity 125.6 liters.  The measurement “anchors” (ca 39 liter)  was used to measure wine, beer, or spirits.  Other measurements are kilderkins, “pitchers”, “steins”, “quarters” (32.7 cl), and ”virgins” (8.2 cl).

For dry goods, there were measurements like firlots and pecks.

You can read more about different measurements in the section Weights.