Åk 6–9
1.1 Introduction
The word area comes from Latin and means open place, space or surface. In mathematics, we use the word to talk about size/measurements of an area of a surface.

If you are going to paint a ceiling or walls in your room, you can buy the right amount of paint if you know how large an area you will be painting.

Foto: Fredrik Enander

When you are choosing a home, you need to be able to compare living spaces in the different apartments/flats.

- How large of an apartment/flat do you have?

- I live in a one room with forty square meters.

If you play football/soccer then you know that there are different size pitches/fields.  There is a seven man pitch which is about 40 m x 60 m and a full size pitch/field which has double the size sides at 80 m x 120 m.  How many seven man pitches can you put into a full size one?

Foto: Fredrik Enander