Åk 6–9

2.4 Order by Size
To order numbers by size is about deciding the value of several numbers. If you have the numbers 2, 7, and 3 with the smallest number first, you get:  

2 3 7

Then you can say that 7 has a larger value than 3. This can also be clearly seen if we place them on the number line.

The numbers are ordered by order of size on the number line.

In order for this to become easier to understand, let’s take an example with money. Which has the largest value for you, to win 7 kr or 3 kr?  We naturally choose to win 7 kr.

We can change the example and say that you lose money. You get to choose between losing 2 kr (-2 kr) and losing 7 kr (-7 kr).  What would you choose in this case -2 kr or -7 kr. The number that has the largest value is just losing -2 kr (-2 kr). We can show this on the number line.