Åk 6–9
1.2 History
The first time we used negative numbers was in antique Greece, but it was in India that the first negative numbers were used in the 600’s. They did not use the minus sign.

Other cultures where they used the negative numbers early on were in China and India.  They wrote negative numbers in different ways:

- China 4 Negative number   4 Positive number
In China, positive numbers where written in black and red ones in red.
- India Negative number   4 Positive number

In India, positive numbers were written without a dot and negative with a dot above the number.

In Europe, we began using the negative sign in the 1500’s, and for example in England was only first used during the 1800’s. Many well known mathematicians refused to accept negative numbers and called them ”absurd” or ”false” numbers. They thought that they created problems in mathematics since they were easy to falsify.