Åk 6–9
3.5 Units
We learned in section 3.1 that the different prefixes: deci, centi and milli mean tenths, hundredths, and thousandths.

We commonly use them together with units like meters or liters for example.

Example A

You might know that a soft drink bottle contains 33 centiliters (33 cl).

Foto: Fredrik Enander
Centi means, of course, hundredths and:
33 cl = 33 hundredths of a liter = 0.33 liters

Example B

A ruler can be 3 decimeters (3 dm).

Foto: Nils Sundberg,
Deci means tenths:
3 dm = 3 tenths of a meter = 0.3 meter  

Example C

The active ingredient in a headache pill can weigh 10 milligrams (10 mg).

Foto: Nils Sundberg,
Milli means thousandths and:
10 mg
= thousands of a gram = 0.010 grams