Åk 6–9

3.3 The Number Line
Look closely at the number line below.

The second number line is a magnification of the area 0 to 1 on the first number line.

Below we have drawn the second number line in two different ways; first divided into tenths and then divided into hundredths.

Example A

Look the number 0.05 and 0.2 and decide which number is the greatest.

If we mark 0.05 on the number line with hundredths and 0.2 on the line with tenths, we see that 0.05 < 0.2.

Example B

Which number is greater 0.1 or 0.10?

We do the same as before and mark 0.1 on the number line with the tenths and 0.10 on the number line with the hundredths.

We see then that they are at the same place on both the numbers lines which means that they have the same value.

Both have 0 whole and 1 tenths.  That 0.10 has 0 hundredths doesn’t matter because 0 hundredths doesn’t change the value of the number.

So: 0.1 = 0.10