Åk 6–9

6.4 Methods for Division
Now you will learn to use what you have learned earlier about fractions and the steps on how to divide with fractions. 

To divide with fractions is the same as multiplying by the inverted fraction.

Here is the inverted fraction

The numerator and denominator are multiplied each on their own.


Division by fractions which should be simplified
If nothing else is given, you should always try to simplify your answer as much as possible. You need to use cancelling out. There are two alternatives:

Example: ÷

Alternative 1: First do the calculation and the cancel it out.

÷ = = =

Alternative 2: Simplify by cancelling out the calculation.

÷ = = =

You can try both methods and choose the method that works the best for you.

Division with Fractions in Mixed Form
If the fraction is written in mixed form, the fraction needs to be made into fraction form and then can calculations be done:

Example: ÷ = ÷ = = =