Åk 6–9

1.2 History
The study of probability was from the beginning created in order to determine and describe the uncertainty of different events.  We studied the different outcomes for these events.

The first time we talked about probability in mathematics was during the 1500 and 1600s in Italy and France, and it was in connection with gambling.

The first person who wrote a book on the study of probability was the Italian Gerolamo Cardano, and this was in the middle of the 1500’s.

Today’s definition (which you can find on page 2.1) was created in 1654, and was developed by the French mathematician Pascal and Fermat.

Andrej Kolmogorov (1903-87), a soviet mathematician and professor at the Moscow University is considered the world’s premier probability expert.  He has made great contributions in the academic community for the study of probability.