Åk 6–9
2.1 Comparing Areas
Compare the figure’s areas. Which figure has the largest area?  How can you check which area is the largest?

Try approximating by looking.

Here below you see two rectangles. Which is the largest?
Is it the light or the darker one?

Sometime we can be tricked by our eyes and then it can be a good idea to cut out the figures and put them on top of one another. Then it become easier to compare, and we see that the light green one is larger.

1. We put the lighter over the darker.

2. We cut away the part that isn’t covered and cut it in two.

3. Place the parts over the dark part which is not covered.

Both areas are equal.

Unfortunately, it is not that often that you can cut out and compare two areas with each other, but there are other ways that you can calculate areas. You will learn about them if you continue on the next page.